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Blogger VS WordPress – Which is best blogging Platform for Beginners in 2018?

Blogger VS WordPress, Which is best blogging Platform for Beginners in 2018

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Blogger VS WordPress, Which is best blogging Platform for Beginners in 2019

It’s a matter of pride for everyone to have a website or blog, if you are thinking of building a blog or website of your own, But you are a bit confusing that which blogging platform is best for me between Blogger or WordPress because both of these platforms are perfect in their own world in the Internet world. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, So today we are going to tell you in detail that
what is the difference between Blogger and WordPress?
What are the Pros and Cons of Blogger VS WordPress?
Which platform should you start with in the initial stages of your blogging career?

Blogger VS WordPress – Which is Better Platform for Blogging?

1. Ownership: Blogger VS WordPress

Blogger was created by a company named Pyra Labs but it was purchased by Google in 2003. Hence since 2003, or is a product of Google, when you create a blog through Blogger and any content that you added to your blog, it remains saved in Google’s server. You can create a new blog with your Google ID, Means with your Gmail ID. You can create multiple blogs with the same ID. Because the blogger is Google’s product, so it becomes easily integrated with Google’s others service or product. LikeGoogle+Google Placesogle WebmasterGoogle AnalyticsPicasa WebGoogle DocsFeedBurnerPicasa Creative KitGoogle DriveGoogle Merchant,etc

You can access and maintain all of these services with the same email id. The best thing about Blogger is that you don’t have to pay any money to create a new blog on it. This Google service is absolutely free for everyone. 

If you want to create a blog on Blogger, then you only have to pay to buy Domain Name. There is no need to purchase the Web Hosting, Blogger does not need to take any other web hosting plan separately because all the content you put on your blog is saved on Google’s server.

On the other hand If we talk about WordPress then WordPress is an open source platform which works on two versions: – is a free platform on which you do not have to spend anything to build a blog or website. While is a self-hosted platform. Which means you have to spend money to build a website. So we will talk about Self Hosted platform ie VS If you want to create a blog or website on, you have to spend for both Domain Name and Web Hosting before you create a blog. You can’t create blogs on WordPress without web hosting.

2. Right: Blogger VS WordPress

If you create a blog or website on Blogger, then you do not have the full right authority over it. It is Google’s sole right on that. As I mentioned above all the data on your blog is stored on Google’s server, meaning that your blog’s hosting account is Google. So Google can delete your blog whenever it wants to delete, because Blogger is a property of Google. 

But in this regard, if talk about WordPress, then you have the full right on WordPress website Full rights on whatever content you put on WordPress, because all the contents of WordPress website or blog are stored in your hosting account, It’s depends on you that you want to delete it or not?

3. Design and Look: Blogger VS WordPress

If we talk about designing in Blogger then the template that you get in blogger are quietly Simple Templates, you do not get much customization options in blogger’s templates. If we talk about the template designs of WordPress, it is quite attracted & professional look and is very friendly for SEO. On WordPress you find thousands of millions of good and professional looking templates. 

Such a template provides a professional look to your website. You can easily customize any template of WordPress according to your wishes. On the other hand, if you talk about Template Customization of Blog, then you get very limited Customization options on Blogger. You can not customize any of Blogger’s Template to the extent that you can do in WordPress.

4. Controlling Power on Content: Blogger VS WordPress

Talking about Controlling Tools in Blogger, then you get very Basic tools which you can control only the basic content. If you want to add an extra tool on the blogger, then you have to do a little bit of coding for it too. On the other hand in WordPress, you get full control over your content. In WordPress, if you want to add any Extra Tool, then with Plugins you can do this easily. In WordPress, you get thousands of plugins that you can control everything according to your wishes i.e., that WordPress’s controlling power is much more than Blogger. You have your full command on wordpress content.

Blogger VS WordPress

image source:        Blogger vs. WordPress Compared – Pros and Cons 2018

5. Search Engine Optimization (SCO): Blogger VS WordPress

If we talk about SEO, then in Blogger platform you do not get many tools according to SEO. Blogger is not as SEO friendly. Ranking any blogger’s blog is bit difficult.
While WordPress is much more SEO Friendly than Blogger, you find a lot of plugins related to SEO that help you rank your blog very quickly.

6. Security Power: Blogger VS WordPress

If Security is concerned Here, blogging on is much better than WordPress because as you know now, Blogger is a Google’s product and Google is the world’s largest internet website, Whatever you do, all the content that is stored will be saved on Google’s server. And if you make your blog on Blogger, you also get the benefit of Google’s security. This means that no one can easily hack a blog created on or Can not break his security. 

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But if keeping in mind the security, talk about WordPress, WordPress is an open source platform where you have to take care of the security of your blog or website itself. In WordPress, you get thousands of plugins that can help you secure the security of your website. You have to take a nice hosting plan separately for this. 

If you have taken an normal hosting plan for your WordPress website and suddenly you get a lot of traffic on your website, then there is a lot of chances of your website being slow. However, if there is a lot of traffic on Blogger’s website, Google manages it very well. Under such circumstances, you need to have a good hosting plan for your WordPress website, which is quite expensive.

7. Regular Updates: Blogger VS WordPress

Let’s talk about the update, Blogger even though the world’s number 1 company is Google’s product, but still we see very less updates on Blogger. As you know, Google has discontinued a lot of its products since the past, there is no guarantee that Google will not close its Blogger platform in the future. WordPress is an Open Source platform if you talk about it. WordPress is not dependent on any company or any third party. We continue to see a lot of updates on WordPress. Many times new things come with WordPress.

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8. User Friendly: Blogger VS WordPress

If you have good knowledge of computer, you do not have much knowledge of programming, so in this way you can create your own blog on Blogger because Blogger’s interface is quite simple. You can easily create a good initial blog on Blogger. If you create a blog on WordPress, then it is very important for you to have a good knowledge of computer.


After knowing all things, You have come to understand that what are the drawbacks of the blogging platform and what are the advantages? Now if we talk about the better platform for blogging, then I think WordPress is the best platform for blogging. But if you are new in the world of blogging & you want to create your own blog, so in this way you can create a new blog on the blog spot (Blogger). Because you do not have to spend anything to make a blog on Blogger And when you start to understand things, much more than you will know about blogging, after that you can shift to on WordPress platform in the future, because in Blogger, you are get the option of transferring all your content through which you can access your entire Blogger Content On WordPress.

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I hope, Now it’s clear for you that “Blogger VS WordPress – Which is best blogging Platform for Beginners in 2018”. If you still have any Question, you can ask by commenting below. We’ll try to give your reply ASAP.
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