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How to Buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy? Step by Step with Pictures

How to Buy a Domain Name?

How to Buy a Domain Name? Step by Step Guide

Friends, it’s most important to have a Domain Name to create your blog or website identity or to reach your blog to peoples. A Domain Name is a kind of address that lets your visitors access your website or blog using the address.

If you are thinking of creating a new blog or website & you are planning to buy a domain name for it, because it is very important to take a Domain Name before creating any blog. But in the beginning, this is the big problem for a lot of people, how to buy a Domain Name and where to buy the right domain from. So in this article we are going to give you the step by step information about how to buy a Domain Name and where you should buy the right Domain Name from?

How to Buy a Domain Name?

There are lot of websites in the world of internet where you can buy Domain Name for your website or blog. Below I have given you the names of some Top Domain Name Provider Websites. Most people buy Domain Name through these same websites. if I talk about my Domain Name, I have purchased Domain Name through one of these websites, and if you want, you can buy Domain Name by going to any of these websites. .

But now the question arises that from which of these websites would be the simplest and correct decision to take Domain Name? If there is a company that is most popular for providing domain name in India then it is Godaddy. Because this company offers much more facilities than other companies. The customer service of this website is also very good. If you have a problem after taking the domain name and you call to the customer service, they also guide you very well.

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You can also make online payment from your debit card on this website to buy Domain Name. The method of buying a Domain Name through this website is quite simple and easy. Apart from this, after purchasing Domain Name, its DNS Platform is easily understood for a common user.

How to Buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy?

If you want to buy Domain Name through Godaddy website, you must register on this website before purchasing Domain Name. Registration is absolutely free, you do not have to pay any kind of fee. You have to pay online to buy Domain Name only so you must have a debit card or a credit card to buy a Domain Name. You can also pay by net banking here.

How to Buy a Domain Name from Go Daddy

To buy Domain Name from Godaddy, you must go to their website
After coming to this website, you have to enter the desire Domain Name here, whatever domain name you want to take. As shown in image-1. When you buy a Domain Name, it is also an important thing whether or not it is available at the time. Because if you want to get the domain name for your website or blog & that name already has been taken by someone, then you can’t take that domain name

A Domain Name can be used for only one website. As you can see in the image number-1, When I searched a domain name from my own name bhupendernimavat, then the answer came in “Yes, your domain is available. Buy it before any else does.” This means that the domain name you want to take is available. You can pick this domain name. If this domain by that name has already been taken by somebody then by typing “This Domain is Taken” means you can not take that domain. If the domain you want to take is available then now you have to click on “Continue to Cart”.

How to Buy a Domain Name from Go Daddy

How to Purchase a Domain Name from Go Daddy

After clicking on “Continue to Cart”, this kind of page comes out in front of you as you can see in image-2, now you have to choose Years here, meaning how much time you want to take this domain for. You can choose from 1 year to maximum 10 years. If you are already registered on Godaddy website after selecting the year you have to click on Sign in and if you are not already registered with godaddy, Then you have to create an account with Godaddy first.

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How to Buy a Domain Name from Go Daddy

How to Register a Domain Name from GODaddy?

Now this kind of page comes out to you as you can see in image-3. Here you have to choose the mode of payment, such as “Net Banking”, “Debit cards”, “Credit Cards”. After selecting the method you want to pay online, you will go a little downwards, then you have to click on the option “Continue Payment”.

How to Buy a Domain Name from Go Daddy

How to Buy a Domain Name from Go Daddy

Now this kind of page comes out to you. Here, after entering your information such as your name, address, email ID, phone number etc. in Billing Information & Payment information, click on Make Payment.

So friends, if you want to buy a domain name for your blog or website, then by following all these steps, you can buy domain name from godaddy.

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