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What is Android System Webview? Why it preinstall in all Android devices?

What is Android System Webview

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What is Android System Webview? Why it Preinstall in all Android devices?

Android System Webview” is an application from Google that is already installed in all Android devices. if you want to see this in your mobile, you can find this by going with following steps:-

  • Go to setting in your Android Mobile  
  • after that select “Apps” 
  • and then click on “Show System Apps”

If you are using “Nougat” and “Oreo” version of Android, “Android System Webview” application is disabled in your mobile by default. But if your Android mobile version is below than “Nougat” and “Oreo” then “Android System Webview” application is enabled in your mobile by default. This application of Android keeps running in hidden form in the background of your mobile.

Now you will be thinking that’s OK all that I told you about “Android System Webview” so far but after all:-
  • What does this application do in all Android mobile?
  • How does it benefit us from being present in our mobile?
  • Why does this application always work in the background of our mobile?
  • We should keep this application enabled or we may also disable it.
After knowing all that much about “Android System Webview“, If your mind is also eager to know some similar questions, then let’s know in detail: –

How “Android System Webview” Works in Mobile?

This Android app is connected with all the google’s applications installed in your mobile by default. You may have noticed a lot of times that whenever a browsing link comes to your email or in a normal message and when you click to open that link, there are many kind options of applications come in the bottom screen of your mobile, In which application you want to open this link, you have to click on that application.

Suppose you have installed Google Chrome and UC Browser in your mobile, then in this way if you click on a link like this, it asks you whether you want to open this link in Google Chrome or in UC Browser?

This kind of condition is only available when “Android System Webview” is disabled in your mobile. If the “Android System Webview” is enabled in your mobile & you click on any link, that link opens in default google’s application without asking any third-party application.

If you are watching a video on YouTube, and if you click on a video link given in the description of that video, then that link is not opened in the browser and the video plays in the YouTube application itself. So if “Android System Webview” is enabled, then it opens any link in Google’s application which is most suitable for the application.
For Example:-
  • Such as links to any video in YouTube’s App
  • Any Facebook link in Facebook’s App
  • Links to any website or article in Google Chrome

This means, that the main work of “Android System Webview” application is to make your mobile browsing experience even easier. So you should keep updating this application continuously. And if you want to enable it and disable it then you can not enable it in the Android version “Nougat” and “Oreo” it remains Disable. But if you are using the old Android OS from “Nougat” and “Oreo” then it depends on you whether you want to keep the application enabled or Disable. It’s everyone’s own choice.

So friends hope you have come to understand that what is the application of “Android System Webview” in your Android mobile and what does it work?

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