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What is Google Takeout? How To Download your full Google Data Using Google Takeout?

What is Google Takeout?

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What is Google Takeout?

In today’s technology world Google and Facebook know more about us than we know about ourselves. You may have felt a lot of times that whenever you search for something on Google and after a day or two days even if you go to another site, you should see ads related to what you have searched on Google yesterday. Or when you watch a video on YouTube and the next time when you open YouTube again, YouTube start appearing the same categories videos on the home page.

Why Does this happen with us?

Why does this happen Because Google keeps us targeting what we are searching on the internet. What kind of things are our interests? What we like to see and read on the internet. If you are worried about your security and privacy related to Google then in today’s article we are going to tell you how can you control all these things and if you want to know deeply that What data do you have with Google, you can easily find it by downloading your entire Google data using Google Takeout.

What does Google Know about us?

  • what is your name?,
  • You are male or female.,
  • Your date of birth,
  • What is your personal mobile number ?,
  • Where do you work?
  • What do you search on Google?
  • Which website are you visiting on the Internet world ?,
  • What are you searching on YouTube? What kind of videos are you like to watch?
  • What are you saying in Google Voice Search?
And much more, Google knows about us more than us which you and we can not even guess. By clicking on the link below, you can know what Google knows about you and how can you control it?
How to get all my personal information data from google?

Make the ads you see more useful to you

Ads Personalization:

Manage Ads Settings: – If you do not want advertisements appearing on Google as per your choice, you can turn it off. As you can see in the image no-1. After closing it, any advertising you see will not be related to your area of ​​interest.

Find How does Google Knows Where You’ve Been?

What is Google map Timeline and how to use it?

Find How google knows where you have been?

By clicking on Location History Page you can find out exactly where did you go so far with the help of Google
Map? Here you can see all the information from your home and office, which you saved in Google Maps. As you can see in the image no-2. You can Pause location history by clicking MANAGE LOCATION HISTORY.

How to check out all your YouTube Activity so far:

Here you can check all your YouTube Watches history so far?

How to check all my Youtube watch history so far?

Check Out Your YouTube Activity: Google’s eyes always see your YouTube activity continuously, when did you search on YouTube and which video have you seen? You can check all your YouTube history by clicking My Activity> YouTube Watches. As you can see in image no-3.

How can you download all your Google Data Using Google Takeout feature?

The feature of Google Takeout has been introduced by Google several years ago. But very few people who use the internet know about it. With the help of Google Takeout feature, you can download all your information & data like:
  • What information google has store about you?
  • Whatever you have been searched on Google till now?
  • What else Google knows about you even we don’t know about yourself?
You can download all this information. With this tool, all your Google data is downloaded into a zip file. So let explore how can you download your Google data?

How To Download Your Google Data Using Google Takeout?

Step-1: As you can see in image no-4. You first need to login with your Gmail ID. After logging in you have to click on your profile picture at the top Right Corner and click on Google Account.

How To Download Your Google Data Using Google Takeout?

Control, protect and secure your account, all in one place

Step-2: After clicking Google Account, some of this kind of dashboard page comes out of your Google Account. As you can see in the image no-5. You get three types of columns in this Google dashboard.

  1. Sign-in & security
  2. Personal info & privacy
  3. Account preferences
Now you have to click on “Control your content” inside the column of Personal info & Privacy
 how to download all my personal google information?

Download or transfer your content

Step-3: After clicking “Control your content”, something like this comes out to you as you can see in image no-6. Now click on the option “Create Archive” below the “Download your data” on the right side of “Download or transfer your content”

 how to download all my personal google information?

Step-4: After clicking Create Archive, something like this comes out to you as you can see in the image no-7. On this page of Google, you can see all of Google’s services related to your personal data. Now if you want to download any service data from Google, then after you enable the Toggle button in front of that Service, click Next below all services.

 how to download all my personal google information?

Here you have to Customize archive format

Step-5: As you click Next, a drop down menu opens at the bottom, where you can see 3 types of options under “Customize archive format”. As you can see in the image no-8.

1st: File Type – Here you have to choose to download any one of two types of file formats (.zip and .tzg). I would suggest that you choose File Type .zip only here because this file format is easily open in almost all the computers.

2nd: Archive Size (Max) – How much of your size (2GB to 50GB) do you want to download Google data? You has to choose this.

3rd: Delivery Method – Here, you have to choose the method you want to download your Google data. Here you get to choose 4 ways of Delivery Method. Out of which you have to choose one.

These 4 ways are as follows: –

  1. Send download link via email
  2. Add to Drive
  3. Add to Dropbox
  4. Add to One Drive
After choosing all these Archive formats as per your wish, you have to click Create Archive.
How to get all my google privacy information?
Image-9: Clicking on this, starts downloading process of your Google data. Now how much time does this Downloading Process take to download your Google data, It depends on how much of your data is available on Google? Once an archive is created for your Google data, a link is sent to your email ID from Google to download that data. You can download all your Google data by clicking on that link. After downloading, you can check that what data about you is available with Google? You will find your data categorized according to Google’s service within the ZIP file.

Really, Google Takeout is a great feature from Google

Before speaking bye-bye to Google If you wanted to see or download what your data is available on Google Then you can use this feature. So you have successfully completed this work. Now it depends on you whether you want to stay with Google in the future. The decision is in your hands.

I hope, Now you came to know that “What is Google Takeout? How To Download your full Google Data Using Google Takeout?” if you still have any Question, You can ask by comment section below. We will try to give your reply ASAP.

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